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Experience the full power of the cloud.

Transform a Macbook Air or Chromebook into a super computer. One seamless experience on all your devices.

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Ultra Responsive

Revolutionary streaming technology, delivering near-native performance directly in a web browser.
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Elegant Simplicity

Get a new computer in less than 5 minutes, zero configuration required. Never update your computer again.
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Unlimited Power

Moving your workflow into the cloud gives you the best performance possible and nearly limitless scale on demand..
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Untethered Agility

With your whole computer in the cloud, every screen becomes a portal into your workspace. Any device, anywhere
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Intelligent streaming

Our proprietary streaming protocol is designed for the highest performance possible in any environment. Workstream feels like it’s right in front of you.


Our advanced bandwidth estimation algorithm means that Paperspace can adapt to your particular internet connection.


Delivering every frame in less than 16.6 ms ensure that every experience feels amazing.


Delivering every frame in less than 16.6 ms ensures that your work doesn't miss a beat.

HTML5 streaming

To access Paperspace Desktops, all you need is a web browser like Chrome. No plugins. No installs, period. Workstream is delivered to your browser as an optimized H.264 video stream. It feels like the app is running locally—even when you’re thousands of miles from our servers. The encrypted stream guarantees secure communication between your device and the cloud.

Desktop app


Run on two displays for a native experience.

Drag & Drop

Easily upload files with drag and drop.


Use any hotkeys with complete OS integration.

Game mode

Dedicated mode optimized for gaming

Performance and scale

GPU acceleration, 1Gbps bandwidth, and more.

Power and scale when you need it most. The cloud offers limitless computing power on-demand.

  • Lightning fast network speeds
  • Wide range of CPUs and GPUs
  • Instant provisioning
  • Flexible API
Powerful features

Advanced features, no IT  required.

Enjoy the benefits of cloud-native features like unlimited instant backups, sharing, alerts, and more.

  • Instance Snapshots (1-click backups)
  • Windows or Linux OS
  • Intelligent alerts
  • 2Factor Auth
Performance and scale

Built for Enterprise.

The complete VDI solution with powerful enterprise features like snapshots, templates, subnets, shared storage, centralized billing, and user management,

  • Template Management
  • Private Networking
  • AD Integration
  • User Management
  • Shared Drives

Add speed and simplicity to your workflow today. Pricing starts at only $0.07/hr.

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