Paperspace Desktops


Supercharge your business with the next generation of computing infrastructure. See why the best companies in the world trust Paperspace.

Access anywhere
Fully managed
Enterprise Support
BYOL or Licensed OS
Workstream is modern vdi

The first VDI built for the cloud-era.

Paperspace Desktops are the easiest way to setup a new VDI deployment or migrate an existing one to the cloud. Our proprietary streaming protocol and web receiver lets everyone securely access their work from anywhere.

Powerful Management

Our management interface gives you IT superpowers

Paperspace Desktops for teams includes powerful tools that let you sort, filter, create, and connect users, machines, and networks. It has never been easier to get a birds eye view of your infrastructure in a single place with an intuitive and effortless GUI.

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Enhanced Networking

Powerful tools to integrate Paperspace with your existing network.

Our simple yet powerful management console makes it easy to add resources like add Private Networking, static IP addresses, or a VPN tunnel. Things that used to take days or even weeks can now be done with just a few clicks and even complex network configurations become easy to manage.

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Drag and Drop

Getting a file into your computer in the cloud is as easy as dragging it and dropping it.

Intelligent Alerts

Get notified if your machine is accessed from a new location and other suspicious activity.


Two factor authentication uses a special cryptographic token in addition to your normal password.

Shared Drives

Create shared drives for the whole team. Best of all, transfer is nearly instantaneous.

Unlimited Power

Up to 32 CPUs, 1TB of RAM and as much storage as you need. Workstream is built to scale.


Workstream can run on two displays. Use multimonitor in the web or the native app.

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Predictable Costs

With Paperspace you replace the high upfront costs of purchasing traditional computers with a low monthly fee.

Unlimited Power

With Paperspace you have access to unlimited computing power and storage. Paperspace is suited for the most demanding applications.


Since nothing is ever stored on your employee endpoints, virtual desktops provide an additional layer of security and ensure regulatory compliance.

Simple Management

Paperspace is designed specifically for enterprise with a powerful management console, shared drives, and advanced security features.

Remote Access

The ability to work from home is a must in today's world and setting up VPNs is costly and complex. With Workstream , remote access to machines and data is built in.


Paperspace infrastructure is monitored 24/7 which means you don’t have to deal with broken computers ever again.

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